Monday, 7 July 2014

I'm baaaaaack!

Oh my beloved blog, why did I neglect you? Oh, that's right I landed a sweet gig at YGAP as Polished Man Digital Co-ordinator!

It's really nice knowing your contributions are going towards a good cause, not to mention, this role has provided me new skills and 'polished' (sorry couldn't help it) my existing ones.

This role is completely voluntary, meaning I have pulled some 13 hour days working at Maccas and YGAP. You never feel tired when you do what you love, and I love YGAP.

I thought I would share some stuff to show what I have been doing. One night, I was asked to write media responses for YGAP's wonderful CEO Elliot Costello. This was extremely exciting for me as I stepped up to the challenge. The messaging had to be crafted carefully, as the campaign supports preventative measures of violence against children.

My communications manager commended my efforts on the responses and said I had done an amazing job! YAY!

Till next time,

S xx

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