Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Polished Man Can

I knew this blog would come in handy. As Digital Co-ordinator I was asked to post videos onto the website via WordPress and generate complimentary content. This is one blog post I wrote for Dave. If you look at 'Recent Posts', you can see some of my other work.

YGAP has truly been an inspirational organisation to work for.

xx  S

Monday, 7 July 2014

I'm baaaaaack!

Oh my beloved blog, why did I neglect you? Oh, that's right I landed a sweet gig at YGAP as Polished Man Digital Co-ordinator!

It's really nice knowing your contributions are going towards a good cause, not to mention, this role has provided me new skills and 'polished' (sorry couldn't help it) my existing ones.

This role is completely voluntary, meaning I have pulled some 13 hour days working at Maccas and YGAP. You never feel tired when you do what you love, and I love YGAP.

I thought I would share some stuff to show what I have been doing. One night, I was asked to write media responses for YGAP's wonderful CEO Elliot Costello. This was extremely exciting for me as I stepped up to the challenge. The messaging had to be crafted carefully, as the campaign supports preventative measures of violence against children.

My communications manager commended my efforts on the responses and said I had done an amazing job! YAY!

Till next time,

S xx

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Woolies leave farmers cold

Source: FlavourCrusader

Woolworths have landed themselves in rather hot water surrounding their proposition to charge vegetable farmers for its latest fresh food campaign.

A new fee of 40c a crate will go towards Jamie's current Garden advertisement series. Doesn't sound like much, but this extra cost is additional to an existing marketing levy.

Rather tough for farmers. It is almost as if we are dissing 'our true blue spirit' for blatant promotion. Although Jamie is great for Woolworths (as Coles have Curtis Stone), it is essential for corporations to instill a community brand. Farmers are the cornerstone of Australian produce. Essentially, this proposition is going against the Australian population. Previous accounts of large Supermarkets 'ripping off dairy farmers to sell milk at lower prices' has not gone down too well.

It will be interesting to see what Woolworths PR team has to say, as this could easily become a crisis if mishandled.

xx S

Thursday, 5 June 2014

But Daddy, I want it na-oow!

You know you desperately want something when you feel your eyes well up just thinking about it. My poor boyfriend Jack just had to comfort me, as I bellowed at him "I JUST WANT A JOB IN COMMUNICATIONS SO BAD! I WANT IT NOW!" It kind of went something like this...

I wish my Daddy could get me this NOOOOOW!

Till next time,
 (The next post will be constructive I do promise)


Friday, 16 May 2014

Beautiful PR Darrrling, Beautiful

Hi guys,
When I'm in need of a well earned study break,  I sometimes go on one of my favourite Facebook PR pages, PR Daily. It lets me stay 'in the know' so I don't fall too far behind (I miss my PR subjects, I really really do). After clicking on different links I ended up outside of the site. But did I find an absolute gem! *cue the lights!*

To launch their 'Hypnôse Star' mascara, Lancôme brought an iconic figure back to life - the infamous Betty Boop!  The appeal of Miss Boop is well known, and when she worked in conjunction with model Daria Werbowy it set the PR world on fire! Although the campaign is now two years old, I was impressed by the advertisement, its implementation and the buzz generated from bloggers and social commentators. For me, rather than overtly sexualise Betty and Daria, the advertisement was playful, cheeky and rememberable.  I would love to create a campaign like this one day!

What do you think?

Till next time,
Boop-Oop-A- Doop!

Friday, 25 April 2014