Monday, 17 February 2014

I'm published!


I published my first set of facebook ads today for Genesis Fitness (even designed them myself! with some guidance from Michael). Have learnt heaps about conversions, sales per click, targeted audiences. how conversions are costed  etc. Have become a bit of a nerd and been checking the campaign from home!

Created the headline and subheadlines.

Did not create image

Created the "Have you signed up yet?"
and subheadlines

*please note the headline spelling error in the title was not mine. It was made after the ad went live by another.

Created the entire ad (was given a stock photo), even used a sylus for the "yummo!" Was cool

Created the entire ad (was given a stock photo) - as above.

So yes this was a great experience learning this at Media Saints ( I hope I can further develop these skills! 

Feeling so grown up, cannot wait to get my hands dirty in a media role!

Till next post my dear bloggers!

xx S

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