Thursday, 20 February 2014

Reddit said it

In my opinion, one of the most under appreciated/missed social mediums is reddit. It is after all, 'the front page of the internet' ( My boyfriend is an avid user of it and the person responsible for getting me hooked. He calls it, "facebook is the reddit of yesterday" (meaning a lot of the memes/other items that were on reddit the week before, then gain popularity on facebook).

As a communications student, I appreciate the communal vibe Reddit has. Sure you can like posts, downgrade posts like other mediums... but it's one of a kind. Something that sets Reddit apart from the rest. I have read stories of Redditors (as they are called), helping others in times of crisis etc. (there are copious amounts of examples). The sub reddits can be compared to maps of a fantasy land, the lists are endless and take you on journey's you never anticipated to go on.

  To me, you have to wear a mask on facebook. You are still recognisable by your photograph and whom you associate with. However, on Reddit you can be as crude, honest and inquisitive as you like. You don't just hide behind a username, you almost use it as your "profile pic". The ELI5 (explain like I'm 5) subreddit, permits users to ask what would be assumed "stupid" questions. I have read about why men cheat on their wives, what illegal activities individuals have got away with. Some answers have truly shocked me and opened my eyes (makes me feel like I sook about having to get up at 6.30 am).

Furthermore, through Reddit I have learnt more about the current up rises in the Ukraine than any other news source. It is like having Al Jazeera, SBS, ABC etc. all at your fingertips. Today I read an interesting post asking you to take the police into consideration, rather than just view the riots through the eyes of the protesters. They too are human and have families.

I can see Redditors highly opposing any commercialism infiltrating their community, but we cannot ignore the underrated power this social medium has.

xx S

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