Thursday, 10 April 2014

Ain't life Gra(n)d....

I am extremely apologetic for my lack of posts! I have started back up at uni and my perfectionist self is in overdrive. I have also been busy throwing myself 100% into finishing my beautifully constructed graduate CV and cover letter. (If you are a potential employer, pleeeeeease do know a lot of sweat and tears have been put into the two items. They are also not generic). I must say, I can usually boast that I am the greatest person to walk this Earth (apart from the oh so great Bill Murray of course). But to summarise it and do so in a convincing manner is not so easy! When I spoke to my best friend who is now 2 years out of uni with a fantastic marketing job, I told her I wanted to put "zombie movies" in my interests. This was responded with a swift "no"... followed by this face :|. Point taken.

I hope this blog proves to be another avenue for everyone to see that I am not just "another graduate". I did not do this degree because of the potential lucrative pay check or perks. I genuinely do love communicating to people, whether it be verbal, written or even body language (I am rather theatrical but extremely loveable). So if you do read this, and you believe that I do not translate well on paper - give me a shot. I do not know how to do anything below 100% (and I can supply you with an endless amount of cat memes)

xx S

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