Saturday, 22 March 2014

Just a note on timing....

So the 2014 AFL season has kicked off with the spotlight being thrown onto Essendon - yet again. We are all aware of the saying 'let sleeping dogs lie' - one which Tania Hird should take note of. Since the drug scandal first arose last year, it has utterly saturated the Australian media... And now it's time to let go.

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Tania Hird strongly asserts husband James, was 'bullied' into accepting a 12 month ban from the club. "I definitely think James was a scapegoat, in fact, we were told that James being the scapegoat was a non-negotiable..." (Le Grand, C. 2014).

Coming from a PR viewpoint, the comments made by Tania have casted unnecessary attention to a club whose morale was constantly tested throughout 2013. It is unfair on the players, stand in coach Bomber Thompson and even the supporters. The focus should be on moving forward from a damaging year. Not potentially causing further harm.  

Tania believes she has her husband's best interests at heart, albeit her approach (and more importantly timing) is absolutely incorrect. It may be seen to some as attention seeking. To bring up once dormant issues is risky. The 'PR snowball' of sequential stories could be catastrophic for James Hird's return next year .

So please Tania, listen to the Essendon PR gurus. I'm hoping they're offering the same advice... (if not, call me) 04...


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