Monday, 3 March 2014

Just some showing off my content analysis skills...

Hi bloggers!

This is going to be a quick one as I have had a long day and am ready to hit the hay. I know my posts are not in chronological order, but I am using the blog to visually communicate some of the experience I have as it comes to mind.

I have had experience working on the Genesis fitness '12 Week challenge' social media campaign, and thought it would be beneficial to post some snippets of a content analysis I was assigned to complete.
NB: please note that I have not disclosed any screenshots that contain personal/confidential information in relation to genesis

I analysed how the organisation presents itself on various social mediums.  I also investigated hashtags that do well for other organisations and may be appropriate for the campaign.  

This is further highlighted in the next image

I also investigated associated trending tags and generated unique hashtags for Genesis to potentially use for their social media campaign (and they picked up a few, which I was chuffed about!)
NB: I will not disclose these in respect to Genesis confidentiality.

Furthermore, I also thought it would be relevant to include some common issues associated with the use of social media. Especially considering the premise of the campaign was broadcasted on these platforms. 

I have had to do various content analyses throughout my university degree. However, it was nice to apply my skills in the professional world. I must admit, I do love content analyses. It's like a puzzle to me, finding the pieces and putting them together in a report (I always put my hand up to do it in group assignments). 

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